Tuesday, July 4, 2017

In the Mail: RITA Reception Invitation and Pin

Yesterday, my invitation to the RITA and Golden Heart reception and RITA finalist pin arrived! It's now only 3 weeks away! So hard to believe and so very exciting as well. Just typing those words makes me want to get out my packing list and get started (mostly because of the pre-travel what did I forget now paranoia setting in).

I have had moments in my writing career, this is one of them, that make me stop and take pause. Right now, I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude. When I think back over all the years and other moments that make up this writing part of my life there are amazing highs, like the Colorado Book Award, or a stellar professional review. But there are also PLENTY of other moments that, well...let's just say those are the less shiny, not good feeling, oh my God why do I do this to myself moments that also are part of this writing gig.  

But on the good days, when the writing happened and the story took on more shape, and especially on the great days like yesterday, when something really fun shows up in the mail, I'm so happy that I didn't give up--no matter how many times I thought I probably should.  

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