Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Day!

Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break! One day and then five glorious, wonderful, stay in bed days in a row.

In a row!

I was laughing the other day with a teacher at the school where I work--remember when you were in school as a kid and you practically died strapped to your desk, eyes glued to the clock, waiting for a holiday. It makes me laugh because it never, ever occurred to me that teachers felt the same way.

Almost every teacher I work with loves their kids, even the really tough ones (especially the tough ones) but let me tell you, when it comes to waiting for a break, their staring at that clock.

They are just highly covert about it.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Well it's official. I now have an agent! (happy dance, happy dance, handstand, back fli...aagh! Note to self, you are not eleven anymore.) Emma Patterson with Wendy Weil offered representation and we spoke over the phone last Thursday. She sent me her notes (which I thought were spot on) with her ideas for how we could make Ascendant (working title) stronger and I got to work right away (well, after the family ski trip) making changes.

I am thrilled, happy and still over the moon. So over the next couple of weeks I'll be working on (more) revising and editing. If we are fortunate enough to find a publishing house in the coming months I will be working on (even more) revising and editing I'm sure. And once I finish (ahem, start) the next book, it will eventually need a boatload of, all together now, revising and editing.

It makes a person wonder why it's called writing, it should be reediting because that's how you spend the bulk amount of time on a piece.

Feeling: Fortunate

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keystone Skiing

So much fun up at Keystone yesterday. We've been skiing with the kids for the last 3 years and it's amazing how good they are! Here is my oldest getting ready to plunge down the next run. She kept asking to find a blue run. Unfortunately, for her, her mother needs to work up to such things and won't be ready to tackle that until at least mid December. I did manage to eventually coax her off the mountain, this second pic is from out dining table at Parrot Eyes, but we didn't sit long. She headed right back up to join her dad who was still skiing with the youngest at the top. Alas, with the exception of the occasional pity run my kids and husband throw me, I'm afraid mom's going to be skiing by herself in a couple more years.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Breaking Up?

 I started a blog here a couple of months ago while finishing my first young adult novel and beginning the search for representation...but it never felt quite right. I don't know why, plenty of people have perfectly wonderful LiveJournal accounts and blogs. But I found I kept messing with the template and design. One day dressing it up in a simplistic midnight blue the next in a tri column autumn, another day I was back to the simple design but with a dark red header--nothing felt right or "me" and quite frankly it felt like I was having some kind of blog sphere schizophrenic identity crisis.

And then, one day (today in fact) I thought, It's not me...it's you!

 That's right. I think it's you LiveJournal with your blockish feel and mandatory ads ( I'm not willing to pay for my blog!) It's you with your limitations and your insistence on posting my avatar picture on every single entry! (in truth, this could just be operator error...I'm a writer not a web designer, geesh!)

So, I've decided. I'm breaking up with you LiveJournal! (maybe) That's right, I'm moving in with Blogger! (we're going to see how things work out.) Blogger is easier on the eyes (there, I said it) he's flexible and knows how to treat a woman who majored in Liberal Arts instead of Computer Science.

(I'm going to continue to see them both temporarily. After all, LiveJournal and I have history, however brief, and I could just be having yet another schizophrenic blog moment.)